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Shimon Lankri
Mayor of Akko

Over the past decade I have witnessed the important social and educational activity of Dror Israel’s Educators’ Community in Akko. Their contribution impacts a large number of our residents, particularly in our poorer areas. Their members work all over the city with children, youth, adults, Arabs and Jews. The fact that they choose to live in the mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood and dedicate themselves to improving the lives of all the people there is quite remarkable. 


Dror Israel is central to our social-urban improvement effort. They address the very real challenges of Akko’s mixed, immigrant community such as low employment, language barriers, and youth at risk, to name a few.  Their after-school programs, Hebrew-Arabic language classes, and the Akko JAM cultural club are examples of the amazing work they do.


I welcome any person or organization that chooses to support Dror Israel in the important goal they have chosen. Come to Akko and see the success for yourself!

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