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Safe Summer Nights for Youth

Our Family Advocates

In Israel’s underserved communities, our educators are also serving as Family Advocates, working closely with families of students in our schools for youth at risk and our community youth programs, to help access government services in a system that is particularly overburdened.

A Safe and Fun Place for Teens

Following the COVID-19 lockdown, teens need a safe and inviting place to congregate and build meaningful relationships. This summer we will run nighttime teen programming in accordance with all Ministry of Health restrictions.


Following Dror Israel’s extensive experience with at-risk youth, including schools, boarding school and after-school activities, we are creating Safe Summer Nights for Youth in local community centers and sports facilities for 5,000 teens ages 13-18, supervised by experienced Dror educators, in partnership with 30 municipalities throughout the country.

In each location, 4-6 such events will be held throughout the summer, each from 7pm to midnight, at no charge to participants, with all local teens welcome.


Activities will be teen-friendly, from sports to arts/spray painting, music and sex/gender education. Parents can relax knowing teens are safe and having enriching experiences. And municipalities will welcome the partnership as teen gatherings move off the streets and into supervised settings.


Programs will be run by our Dror educators who have extensive experience working with youth at risk and can provide much needed emotional and psychological support.


Please consider supporting one Safe Summer Night at $1,000 per night, with an equal amount covered by each municipality.

Four nights will be held each in 30 different municipalities, for a total of 120 nights for 5,000 youth. We are seeking to raise a total of $120,000 to run these nights throughout the country.

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