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Summer under COVID-19
Help Us  Give Them the Summer They Need!

Following months of lock-down and related unemployment, and with school ending, children need engaging summer activities so parents can look for jobs and return to work. Teens, especially those in underserved communities, need a place to go to build friendships and to stay safe.


Unfortunatly, COVID-19 cases have been growing at an alarming rate in Israel since mid-June. As a result, the government has been releasing increasing restrictions on social and economic activity to stem the spread of the virus.

This is of course quite a blow to the youth movement, which had re-organized all summer activities into small local groups to comply with regulations as they stood at the beginning of the summer, and to the kids who were looking forward to these activities.

After changing our programs again, we are still able to provide great summer activities for children and youth:

Summer Projects


Dror Israel Mini Day Camps

With COVID still looming, our large overnight camps are not possible. This summer, we have shifted our large camp model, and will be running mini-camps throughout Israel for some 3,000 3rd and 4th graders. And of course, we will provide on-line programs for some 10,000 5th to 12th grade.

Safe Summer Nights for Youth 

Following the COVID lockdown, teens need a safe and inviting place to congregate and build meaningful relationships. This summer we will run nighttime teen programming.

Canceled due to new COVID-19 government's restrictions

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