Summer under COVID-19
Help Us  Give Them the Summer They Need!

Following months of lock-down and related unemployment, and with school ending, children need engaging summer activities so parents can look for jobs and return to work. Teens, especially those in underserved communities, Need a place to go to build friendships and to stay safe


Recognizing COVID-related health concerns and government restrictions, we have created two new summer programs: Dror Mini-day-Camps Across the Country and Safe Summer Nights For Youth.


Our experience in running camps and schools for youth at risk provides the necessary expertise to develop these innovative programs quickly and at minimal cost. And our Youth Movement, with chapters throughout Israel, provides the structure and talent.  Since we live in the communities where we work, our relationships with individual municipalities are strong and we are able to customize camps and youth nights to meet each community’s unique needs.



Dror Israel Mini Day Camps

With COVID still looming, our large overnight camps are not possible. This summer, we have shifted our large camp model, and will be running mini-camps throughout Israel.

Safe Summer Nights for Youth

Following the COVID lockdown, teens need a safe and inviting place to congregate and build meaningful relationships. This summer we will run nighttime teen programming.