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Jewish and Arab Youth Working Together for a Better, Greener Tomorrow

Environmental Justice 


Dror Israel brings Jewish and Arab teens together to "green up" communities throughout Israel

Environmental Justice Now! Empowering Teens to Fight Climate Change

Through its associated youth movement, HaNoar HaOved, with over 90,000 members in 200 branches in Jewish, Arab and Druze communities, Dror Israel is launching Environmental Justice Now! to raise awareness about the climate crisis and give teens the tools they need to create real change in their communities.

Environmental Justice Now! will strengthen a younger generation of leaders less prone to alienation and extremism, more aware of environmental issues and more committed to building shared society. 


  • Increase awareness about climate change and environmental justice in Israel

  • Empower teens to take real steps to make Jewish, Arab and Druze communities more sustainable

  • Build a better tomorrow for all Israelis using cooperation and positivity- not extremism and violence

  • Develop trust, camaraderie and partnership among Jewish, Arab and Druze youth as members of the same youth movement who share common purpose

Dror Israel's HaNoar HaOved is Uniquely Qualified

At branches across Israel, HaNoar HaOved's Jewish, Arab and Druze members belong to the same organization, wear the same uniform, sing the same songs and participate in the same activities.  This "movement identity" builds bridges among members of different backgrounds, emphasizing what's in common while celebrating diverse cultures and religions. Teaching personal leadership, communal responsibility and nonviolence, we seek to build cohesiveness and shared society in Israel. Environmental Justice Now! brings together teens of all sectors and communities for positive, constructive encounters working towards a better future for all Israelis. 

About the Program

Environmental Justice Now! Kicks off with a Fall Leadership Conference for hundreds of HaNoar HaOved leaders, and includes:

  • Joint and separate branch monthly leadership training sessions

  • Establishment of a Youth Environmental Sustainability Center in Karmiel

  • Adoption by "paired" Jewish and Arab branches of nearby natural sites for cleanup

  • Planning sessions to reduce the youth movement's carbon footprint and advocate for better environmental policy

  • Curriculum for youth movement branches to raise awareness regarding environmental initiatives

  • New mobile exhibit in Hebrew and Arabic highlighting climate change in Israel

  • Mass participation in the National Climate March

  • Winter Leadership Seminar to address social and environmental justice in Israel

  • Shared holiday celebrations over Passover and Ramadan (with no disposable tableware!)

2022 Pilot Engaged 5,000 Teens;
On Track for 10,000 in 2023

The 2022 pilot of Environmental Justice Now! saw great success. An opening 3-day seminar run in partnership with the U. S. embassy brought together 200 Jewish and Arab teen leaders from across Israel to discuss pressing social and environmental justice issues. Programming for the year engaged 5,000 youth, 20% of whom were Arab-Israelis. Our goal for 2023 is to double that - 10,000 youth of which 20% will be Arab-Israelis.

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