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Dror Israel Understands That to Build Peace
You Have to Keep Talking

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In Today’s Challenging Times

Building Peace is More Important Than Ever. 

Strengthening Democracy • Building Shared Society • Laying the Foundation for Peace 


Conversations between Israeli Jews and Arabs are critical to shaping shared, democratic society. Dror Israel creates these conversations each and every day. 

  • Bringing thousands of Jewish, Druze and Arab teens to our summer Leadership Empowerment Institute. They learn the skills and knowledge needed to run local peace-building campaigns in their own communities.

  • Hosting Bike Repair Cooperatives in mixed neighborhoods, providing residents of all races, religions, and ethnicities a friendly space to discuss and solve local issues  

  • Roundtable discussions which bring together people of diverse political and social backgrounds to understand their different views and find common ground

Some of Our Success Stories

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Conversation and Connection In the Town Square


Bicycle Repair Cooperative Breaks Down Barriers

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Sharing Traditions, Shaping Society for Peace 

Coming together amidst polarization, creating hope for a brighter, shared future.

Conversations build relationships: relationships build bridges; and bridges are the foundation for peace. 

Cultural connection builds understanding; understanding builds compassion; and compassion is the foundation for peace.

In cities across Israel, Dror Israel is bringing together diverse communities to talk. In some of Israel’s most mixed cities, such as Akko and Beer Sheva, members of the Ultra-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, secular, and LGBTQ communities are gathering for round table discussion on the essence of democracy, the rule of law, and the danger of political violence in the face of a lack of communication and understanding. Dror Israel educators, trained and experienced in leading difficult conversations, are guiding participants – teens and adults from different sides of the political, social, and religious divide – in respectful but painful discussions about how they feel about what is going on in Israel. “We live and work as educators in these neighborhoods. We want to create a place where people can come together, a space for dialogue, listening, to develop mutual respect and cooperation to solve local problems. We are the beating heart of the idea of shared society and peace here in our communities and all across Israel.”

Dror Israel educators live and work in some of Israel’s most diverse and challenged neighborhoods, helping to build shared society. In the Gimmel neighborhood of Beersheva, with its mixed population of Moroccan, Ethiopian, Iraqi, and Russian Jews, and Palestinian and Bedouin Arabs, our educators established a bike repair cooperative in the central park, where children and adults of all origins meet in a friendly atmosphere to help each other repair bikes. Akila was new to the neighborhood and spoke only Arabic. Her bicycle was broken, so her cousin brought her to the cooperative. Some Jewish kids offered to help them with the repair. Upon learning Akila did not speak Hebrew, they decided the most important words to teach her were: “Bicycle.” “Friend.” “I love you.” “Thank you.” “I love Beersheva.” All the kids laughed together.

In today’s challenging times, conversations between Israeli Jews and Arabs are critical. Dror Israel’s Youth Movement brings hundreds of teens from its Jewish and Arab chapters together throughout the year for leadership conferences on democracy and social justice. Connections are also built through cultural encounters and joint holiday celebrations. As Ramadan approaches, some Arab chapters are inviting their Jewish peers to share in an Iftar, the evening meal breaking the fast. In Wadi Salame, a Bedouin town in northern Israel, Jewish and Bedouin teens gathered in the local mosque to discuss Ramadan, its history and significance in Muslim culture and religion. Questions were encouraged, leading to great conversations. The teens enjoyed a traditional Iftar meal together. The room was filled with song and the sound of new friendships being formed.

Become a Peace Builder- Donate Today: 
  • $1,000 supports a Roundtable Discussion in the town square 

  • $500 provides a scholarship for one teen to take part in the summer Leadership Empowerment Institute

  • $180 supports a high school seminar on democratic dialogue 

For information on donating by mail, bank transfer or DAF:

 All donations are fully tax deductible.

US donations are deposited to the US Friends of Dror Israel Inc. and tax deductible

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