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At Dror Galil, we are building the high school for the future. Students and teachers from different backgrounds come together in a new type of learning environment, the first of its kind in Israel. Focused on social skills, dialogue, and personal responsibility, we emphasize collaboration, problem solving, and innovation.


Funded by the Ministry of the Economy, in collaboration with the Jordan Valley Regional Council, local industries, universities, and research institutions, we are the leading school in the development of innovative and advanced vocational training courses. 

Dror Galil
The High School for the Future

From all sectors of Israeli society

Youth come from across the Galilee – the city, village, kibbutz and moshav - K’far Tavor, Tiberias, Shibli, and beyond. Jews, Arabs, Christians, and Druze, studying and problem solving, together!


Social and environmental justice with an emphasis on values

We identify problems and create solutions to improve our society, always attuned to environmental impact.


Innovative curriculum

Project-based, multi-disciplinary curriculum promotes teamwork while addressing individual students’ needs.


Dror Galil School is the only school that provides a certificate recognized by the State of Israel and all OECD countries, in two special subjects: Eco and Tech.


The Eco track allows student to think about the real challenges of farmers in Galilee and throughout Israel; students create hydroponic gardens and other real-world solutions.


The Tech Makers track prepares students for the future where we print, rather than buy things. With state-of-the-art tools such as 3D printers, design and modeling systems, and laser cutters, students develop and manufacture practical, inexpensive, and accessible solutions.


Long Term Vision – A Live Educational Center

Over time, we envision that Dror Galil will grow into a live educational center, a hub for industry leaders, employers, colleges, r&d, and community organizations. 

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