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Building a New Kennel Facility for
Eshbal Educational Dog Kennel

Our Goal: Upgrade Kennel, Transform lives of students and dogs

This project will expand the dogs' living area, provide them with improved weather protection, and expand educational training facilities.

The Educational Dog Kennel is part of the Eshbal Boarding School for at-risk youth. At the kennel:

  • Students rehabilitate and train rescued dogs.

  • Students learn life skills, responsibility, empathy, patience, self confidence.

  • Dogs are cared for and trained, setting them up for successful adoption.

  • Connecting and caring for the troubled dogs is therapeutic and reflective for students, who gain tremendous satisfaction as well as emotional and social benefits.

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Donate today to transform the lives

of rescue dogs and at-risk students.

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Educational Kennel Upgrade and Operation

Since 2010, the Educational Kennel has rescued, trained and housed dozens of dogs and provided therapy and vocational training for over 100 students. Our current dog housing and training facilities are desperately in need of expansion and improvement in order to best care for and allow for proper, professional training conditions for the vulnerable dogs and students.

In addition to the expansion project, the renowned Eshbal Boarding School seeks support with day to day operating costs. Your help is needed in order to provide food, psycho-social support, and educational workshops for these vulnerable students, as well as treats, adoption events, and medical treatment for the dogs. 

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