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New Eco-Technology High School in Neveh Midbar:
Building a Better Future for Bedouin Teens

With training and certification in key areas of Eco-Technology, Dror Israel Neveh Midbar prepares Bedouin students to succeed in Israel's StartUp Nation economy

Education is Key in Addressing Poverty in Bedouin Communities

Per the 2021 State Comptroller's Annual Report, "the Bedouin population of the Negev is the poorest sector in Israel, suffering from a lack of infrastructures and quality education." Dropout (31%) and unemployment (30% for men, 80% for women) are the highest in Israel. The Ministry of Education has selected Dror Israel to build a vocational high school in Neveh Midbar to help lift the surrounding Bedouin communities out of poverty. 

Dror Israel Schools are Uniquely Qualified

Dror Israel's award-winning network of 8 high schools, 2 boarding schools and community-based programs serve a mixed population in the social and geographic periphery of Israel. We give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the StartUp Nation economy. Learning teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership, they contribute to their families and communities and help build a democratic, shared society.


Vocational Tracks and Certification Prepare Bedouin Students for Success

Desert Resource Management

Students partner with researchers in the field to solve problems of sun, soil, water and vegetation.

Urban Planning

Students learn the latest tech tools and work with professionals in city planning, architecture, landscaping and environmental planning.

New Media & Photography

Students study new media, photography and graphic design, focused on creating and building a sustainable advertising and marketing business.

Industrial Design

Students master digital planning and product development, while acquiring skills with the latest maker tools like 3D printing, laser cutting and more.

Focused on the pressing economic and environmental issues facing Bedouin communities, Neveh Midbar's Eco-Tech Vocational Tracks offer professional training and certification, as well as hands-on experience in the workplace:

Hebrew, English and Presentation Skills Essential for Today's Workplace

A core element of the curriculum includes language and presentation skills, important for integration into the Israeli workforce. Students study Hebrew and English, to communicate with confidence in both languages.

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For more details:
Mirit Sulema

Help these Bedouin kids succeed!

And help their families and communities, too!

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