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SUMMER CAMP for 1,000+ New Ukrainian Olim (Immigrant) Children

Through our associated Youth Movement, Dror Israel Educators are creating special camp experiences for Ukrainian children recently arrived in Israel tailored to their needs:

  • Trained counselors for emotional/trauma support

  • Russian-speaking “buddies” who also came to Israel as children

  • Instruction in Hebrew language, Israeli culture and geography

  • Lots of FUN - Hiking, sports, art, music, and more

Our Goal: To Provide 1,000 Kids with Summer Camp FUN!


At $500 per child, that’s $500,000 to give these children time to heal, time to smile, time to just be a kid.

Day Camp/Education Centers in Poland and Israel

Dror Israel Provided Emergency Day Camp/Education Centers in Poland and Israel

Since war broke out in Ukraine, Dror Israel has helped thousands of refugee children, teens, and their families in Poland and Israel

Border Refugee Camps

Border Refugee Camps in Poland

Drawing on our training and expertise in informal education, and our experience running emergency day camp/education centers during COVID, Dror educators established programs for refugee children in the Ptak Expo Center in Warsaw:

  • 3 kids’ rooms at Warsaw’s largest refugee center

  • Serving 1,000+ children and teens weekly for 7 weeks

  • Running programs all day, 7 days a week

  • Games, art, drama, music, teen discussions

Makeshift Absorption Centers in Israel

With hundreds of refugees arriving in Israel daily, Dror educators set up emergency day camp/education centers in hotels being used to house this new immigrant population:

  • 18 hotels housing immigrant and refugee families

  • Serving 2,000+ children and teens for 15 weeks

  • Running programs all day, 7 days a week

  • Teaching Hebrew, Israeli culture, and integrating children into Israeli youth movement

Dror Israel educators are experienced in providing emergency day camp/education centers

During COVID lockdowns, Dror Israel operated emergency day camp/education centers in hospitals throughout Israel, to allow essential health workers to do their jobs. 200 educators ran programs for 1,200 children of 1,500 doctors, nurses, and hospital staff throughout the pandemic.

We need your support to do this essential work to help Ukrainian refugees.

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