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Success Stories- In their own words 

Graduate of Haifa School

School was always scary. I knew I was different but the teachers did not understand me. No one cared how I was doing or feeling, only that I was failing. And they embarrassed me.


I went through a few schools, each one worse than the last. Coming to Dror Kiryat Ata in 11th grade was a turning point. The teachers and students really connect. And we are allowed to have fiery discussions about politics, elections, ideas. The teachers don’t silence us. I even stopped stuttering because suddenly someone cared about what I had to say.


I am so grateful for the chance to come here, for the friendships and love that have surrounded and supported me. Dror Kiryat Ata changed my life, has led me to places I never thought I would get to. I know I can be anything I want to be.

Graduate of Kiryat Ata School

Since first grade I wanted to be a good student. But the teachers did not see or understand me. School was like a factory, an assembly line, and I did not fit in.


When I came to Dror Kiryat Ata, there was this incredible connection between students and teachers. There was freedom, real choice, which made me more attentive to myself and those around me.


My biggest challenge was trust. I had to break down 9 years of not trusting teachers. Through crises and challenges, Reut never gave up on me. I realized everyone is fighting for me not against me. Reut gave me the tools to deal with life, make good choices, be a good human being.


At Dror we learn how to understand others, not judge them. Dror Kiryat Ata made me the person I am today. And even as I change throughout life, what I learned will continue to guide me.

Graduate of Karmiel School

I had serious learning difficulties, had trouble keeping up and staying on track. I wanted to succeed, to graduate with matriculation certificate, and at my other school that was impossible.


When I came to Dror Karmiel, I was amazed at how much the teachers care about the students. And the students help each other. When my friends and I were falling behind, our teacher sat with us until we all got it. Here we work together so all achieve.


Dror Karmiel has been a home for me. Academics go hand in hand with social. I have made friends for life with students and teachers. And I know if I take initiative, put in hard work, help others, and give it my all, I will know I will get amazing results.

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