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Wishing you a sweet, fulfilling, and healthy new year in 5781 from Dror Israel

Rosh Hashana, now more than ever, is a time for us to look inward and ahead as we ask ourselves how we will continue pursuing justice and equality for all in the coming year

As the new year approaches, we take stock of ourselves, our communities, and our nation. We make a reckoning of the many hardships faced this past year and the many challenges yet to come. As we do, we also seek out and recall those redeeming rays of light that provide us with courage and hope. The unwavering love and support of our many friends and partners all over the world is one such ray of light that gives us the strength to continue pursuing justice and equality for all, in every corner of our home, Israel.

To all our readers, on the eve of the Jewish New Year, we offer this heartfelt message of hope, and wish you a truly good, sweet new year. From all of us here at Dror Israel, may the coming year bring good health and better things for all.

Shana Tova Umetuka

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