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One Mother's Gesture of Appreciation for Her Child's Youth Counselors

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Tami Margalit, a mother to an eleven year old in Dror Israel's youth movement, wrote a facebook post to show her appriciation to her kid's youth counselors.

"Good things #016:

The kids have been home for over three weeks -- even more if you take into account the Purim vacation. It’s not an ideal situation, it’s very hard for them to understand why they can’t see their friends or go to the beach, ride their bikes or even walk around.

We explain to them how important it is to stay at home and take care of ourselves, the head understands but the heart still wants to go out.

One of the positive things that happened during the last three weeks was the activities of the Noar Ha’Oved V’HaLomed (Dror Israel's youth movement). It happens twice a week and they run virtual activities for an hour and a half.

Usually when they’re in their local youth movement branch, I only hear about the activities, and I can hear the excitement and enjoyment in my child’s voice. In the last bit I experienced their amazing activities, I saw the respect my children show their counselors, and how they listen and swallow every word.

It is to the credit of their counselors, who are only 16-year-old boys, that they succeed to get the kids to listen to them, do the tasks they set, and have fun all while showing patience and support.

Yesterday’s activity included making cookies for the rest of their family. The excitement and enjoyment was bumped up a level in Lior. He ran around the house all morning, happy and smiling.

When the activity started, the counselors explained patiently each task. They waited for each child to finish the task and show that they finished. They praised and cared for every boy and girl. Everything was said in a pleasant and respectable tone… they didn’t even shout once! It was amazing.

I think they’ve cracked the code. These leaders showed each child personal attention, they see each one, compliment everyone, embrace, and love each child. It’s clear that this what makes kids want to take part in tasks, succeed in them and enjoy every moment.

Thank you so much to Ido and Boaz, the leaders of the group “Sofa”, from Ken Kiriyat Ono! I’m sure you will get far with your amazing attitude- you are destined to be leaders.

Here is the recipe, designed for children:

A cup and two tablespoons of flour


6 tablespoons of Nutella

Heat the oven to 160 degrees

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl

With clean hands, make the dough into a ball

Divide the big ball of dough into little balls

Push down on each ball with your finger and transfer them to a baking tray

Bake for 6 minutes in the oven

Melt 3 tablespoons of Nutella

Put the Nutella in a plastic bag

Spread onto each cookie while still warm

Wait till the cookies cool

Bon Appetit!"

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