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Camp outs are back!

HaNoar HaOved’s traditional Sukkot hikes provide a change of scenery

Every Sukkot, as the weather begins to cool off, the HaNoar HaOved youth movement leads thousands of teens from all over the country on hikes. Making the most of the school holiday, the participants travel together to a camp ground to begin their multi-day hike. This is the first time that the teens have been able to camp out overnight together since the beginning of the pandemic!

Hikes are an important part of the youth movement. They give the participants a chance to bond through overcoming physical challenges, together, get more acquainted with the land of Israel, all while celebrating Sukkot together!

In groups based on their regions, the participants and their youth leaders took on a variety of challenging trails. They took advantage of the gorgeous scenery in the north of the country, hiking the hills and valleys of the Galilee region.

As park of their hike this year, the groups visited Mount Meron to learn about the terrible tragedy that occurred there this summer. The teens learned about the religious and cultural importance of the mountain and honored the lives lost this past Lag BaOmer.

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